Dr. Fidel Owusu Agyei Represents Ghana at the Urban Air Mobility Service Dialogue at Coventry University

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Coventry University is playing a key role in the development of the world’s first Urban-Air Port known as Air One – a project looking to bring electric flying taxis and delivery drones to Coventry and other locations throughout the UK and the world.


However, the Chief Executive Officer and President for Business Lens Ghana and Africa, Dr. Fidel Owusu Agyei and His Team Dr. Kwame Akissi, Prince Myrie, and Susan Apreko joined the Department of International Trade( DIT) UK and other participants from other countries to learn more about Urban Air Mobility Service Dialogue at the Coventry University.

Business Lens Global is the official company in Ghana and Africa to facilitate and operationalise the activities of Urban Airport and Mobility services.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is transforming the way people move within cities, providing an efficient and eco-friendly means of transportation. Utilizing the most modern aerial transportation technology, the UAM Service provides Coventry’s students and faculty with a unique and convenient way to get around campus and beyond.

The Coventry UAM Service is powered by state-of-the-art electric vehicles and is available 7 days a week. By downloading the UAM app, students, business institutions, banks , mining companies, aviation companies etc can request rides and track their ride’s progress in real time on their smartphones. Additionally, users can choose between two different ride types: “Express” and “Standard.” Express rides cover short distances quickly, while Standard rides offer more extensive travel options at an affordable rate.

The undisputed highlight of the UAM Service is its affordable fares. Considering the high costs of other transportation options, the UAM Service serves as a reliable and economical way to commute both shorter and longer distances. Furthermore, the UAM Service is backed by a customer service team available around the clock to assist riders with any inquiries or issues.

In addition to its value for riders, the UAM Service is equally beneficial for the environment. By relying on clean electric vehicles, UAM creates zero emissions and produces no sound pollution. Furthermore, UAM vehicles are operating under strict safety regulations and updated technology, making the service not only eco-friendly but also secure.

As Coventry University’s UAM Service continues to develop, it will offer a wider fleet of vehicles, rovers, and automated refueling systems, as well as improved customer experience, thereby revolutionizing the way students and faculty move around the city.

Ultimately, Coventry UAM Service is an invaluable service which facilitates efficient transportation while driving positive change in eco-friendly flying and safety.

Dr.Fidel owusu Agyei was happy to state categorically that, Ghana is ready to kick start the urban mobility services in the country with its partners.

Again, as the Business community affirms, Ghana is the Gate way to Africa and the world.

Business Lens and its partners are ready to bring urban Mobility Services to the people of Ghana, Nigeria , cote d’voire, and the rest of Africa.

Source: Christopher Agbodo Ranson /Virgin Blogger

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