Ugandan Singer Forced To Sweep Streets After Turning Up Late For Concert

Popular Ugandan singer, Pallaso has been trending after he was forced to sweep the streets of Masaka City and apologize to his fans after he reportedly turned up late for a music show on Monday night, February 14.
After many hours of waiting for him to hit the stage in vain, fans got out of hand and started a huge fight.


He later surfaced and staged a good performance but his fans’ anger has forced him to apologize by sweeping several streets in Masaka City.

On top of that, the singer took to his Instagram page to ask for forgiveness: “To all my fans in Masaka, I sincerely apologize for making it late for the show last night. I understand why you ran out of patience and the situation went out of hand. It was my fault and I am truly sorry,” he wrote.

“I have swept a few streets with my friends downtown Masaka today to remind you that I am your son and you mean the world to me. I can’t be anything without you. I hope my apology will bring you closer to me. I am so sorry for hurting you. Forgive me please,” he added.


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