US based Sierra Leonean Entrepreneur speaks: Why I support big and small social events during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The world stood against Covid-19, and this was a clarion call for entrepreneurs and investors who have the milk of human kindness to be more supportive of initiatives and ideas that brings during the pandemic. And one stood out among others from Sierra Leone is the Entrepreneur and Entertainment Executive for Sugar Entertainment (managing the Artist Emmerson) Yulisa Ahmadu, also known as Dr Love. Yulisa, CEO of one of the fastest expanding Sierra Leonean owned wrist watch brands, Yulisa & Co.

In the late December 2020, Yulisa & Co introduced its first wrist watch series warming the hearts of many. Ever since, the CEO and owner of the brand has been actively involved in supporting big and small events in Sierra Leone and the sub region. With a donation amounting to nearly $50,000 US dollars, Yulisa & Co was among the early responders to the contribution made to the some key event organizers to prevent struggles during the covid era.

‘Laugh and Jam’ with Kindo Armani, the largest comedy event in Sierra Leone was the first to benefit from this package. Sierra Leone’s leading Hiphop Artist and one of the most trending musician’s Drizilik, Smart Millionaire on African Young Voices TV channel 399 DSTV(A reality quiz trivia show airing on AYV this year) , Vocal Drift (A show on TV identifying music talents) to name a few.

Yulisa did not limit his benevolence to Sierra Leone, but also extended a helping hand to The Gambia, the country where he grew up, through the Emmanuel Zahid Foundation, to train gospel musicians and drummers in the Christian gospel music industry.
With the world regaining normalcy, there are questions over the continuity of the philanthropic gesture of Yulisa Ahmadu and his Yulisa & Co brand.

But in his response, Yulisa gave a strong assurance: “you can give without loving, but you can never love without giving’ he said.
“Philanthropy is part of my philosophy and it has been integrated into the philosophy of yulisa & Co. So as long as we exist, myself and Yulisa & Co brand. We will be involved in the effort to turn around the narrative of Africa by helping the needy and empowering future leaders.”

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