Why the Beefing Among Gh Female Artistes – Akosua Mega Writes

Women have always been underrated in every aspect of life that involves men and women
The perception that man is superior to woman has been the major cause and also from the holy books women have been underrated yet the woman happens to be the strongest since the pains felt at birth can’t be compared to any felt in ones life time.

In the Ghanaian music industry lately women rappers most especially are beefing and proving to be lyrically endowed and can do more than the men.

From my observation and interaction with people who are industry players and fans of the artistes involved in such beefs, their thoughts on the subject is the fact that its all about the quest for power and to prove to the men that the women ‘ Don’t fear no man ‘ and can run things better than them.
This is what have caused these female acts to engage in such rivalry in order to see who becomes the ‘king of both the males and females’

Who takes the throne?
The ladies or will the men remain in kingship ?

Article by Akosua Mega

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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