Yaw Bossman: Rising Star and Ghana Music Awards UK Uncovered Artiste of the Year


In a resounding victory at the recent Ghana Music Awards UK, Yaw Bossman, the UK-based Ghanaian artiste, claimed the coveted title of “UK-based Uncovered Artiste of the Year.”

This achievement not only signifies Yaw Bossman’s burgeoning success but also highlights his dedication to his craft and the unwavering support of his fans, both known and unknown.

During an exclusive interview on the “Hot Convo” show with Promoter Koolic on RaggOut, Yaw Bossman took a moment to express his gratitude. He extended his heartfelt thanks to his fans and loved ones, emphasizing that this victory was a collective effort. His words resonated with humility and appreciation as he acknowledged the support he received even from those who might not have been his biggest fans.

“I want to thank all my fans and loved ones who voted for me, Those I know and those I haven’t met before,” Yaw Bossman said. “Even the haters, I want to say a very big thank you for the love and support all these years. I wouldn’t have gotten here if not for your support and love.”

His message extended beyond gratitude, serving as an inspirational call to all the aspiring artists in both the UK and Ghana. Yaw Bossman acknowledged the challenges of breaking into the music industry but encouraged fellow artists to trust in their work and persevere. He emphasized that his victory was not just his own; it belonged to every artist out there striving for recognition and success.

“To all the artist[s] struggling to make it up, I know it’s not easy, but trust in your works. You will get there,” Yaw Bossman declared. “This award is not just for me but for every artiste out there. We won together; my win is your win. Let’s keep working, and we all shall be great.”


Yaw Bossman’s journey in the UK music scene has been nothing short of remarkable. He has garnered attention and acclaim for his hit songs from previous releases, earning a dedicated fan base along the way. His upcoming collaboration with Deon Boakye is a highly anticipated song, though the official release date is not yet confirmed.

As Yaw Bossman continues to make waves in the music industry, his story serves as an inspiration to emerging artists everywhere. His message of gratitude, resilience, and unity resonates not only with his fans but with the entire music community, both in the UK and Ghana. With his unwavering dedication and a bright future ahead, Yaw Bossman is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the global music landscape.

Story by Promoter Koolic

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