You will run if we tell you who your father is – alleged relative of Yvonne Nelson’s mom shares

A man by the name Mr Amoako, a close relative of Yvonne Nelson’s mom, Madam Margaret, has shared that Yvonne may flee the country if she comes to know who her father is.

According to an audio which has been shared online, Mr Amoako alleges that the release of Yvonne’s book has caused a lot of confusion in their family.

Mr Amoako also alleged in the video that he’s privy to the situation of the whereabouts of Yvonne’s father, and that if they finally made her aware of who her father is, she may leave the country.

“Yvonne needs to have patience. In her mind, she’s trying to disgrace her mother, people all over social media are saying whatever they want about our family.

Auntie Maggie knows why she’s kept that secret. I know about the matter, If you want to know about your father, we can tell you, but be prepared to leave Ghana,” he added.

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