Apprise Music Distribution’s Seminar Provides Valuable Insights into Music Industry Operations



Apprise Music Distribution, a leading music distribution company, recently held a successful music business seminar at the University of Education, Winneba. The seminar focused on music distribution and promotions, and it drew massive participation and engagement from students and lecturers.

The event was a great resource for the participants who turned out beyond expectations. The seminar covered a wide range of topics related to music distribution and its dynamics. Some of the key topics discussed included how artists and rights holders can maximize their earnings in relation to the various music exploitation mediums. This included music distribution royalties, music publishing royalties, and mechanical royalties.

The seminar also explored the differences between a music distributor and a record label in terms of their functions. Participants learned about the preparations required for music distribution and promotions. The discussions were engaging, interactive, and enlightening.

Apprise Music Distribution’s CEO, Mr. Michael Bamfo, was delighted with the turnout and engagement of the participants. He noted that the company was committed to promoting music education and business development in the country. He added that the seminar was a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the next generation of music industry professionals.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the seminar, noting that it provided them with valuable insights into the music industry’s operations. They praised the speakers for their knowledge and expertise in the field and thanked Apprise Music Distribution for organizing the event.

Among the resource persons and speakers at the seminar were Apprise Music Distribution’s Director for Communication and Marketing, Mr Richard Sumah. Operations Manageress, Grace Nyele, Artists & Labels Manageress, Tinu Adaaja.

The successful music business seminar is part of Apprise Music Distribution’s ongoing efforts to support the growth and development of the music industry in the country. The company plans to organize similar events in the future to promote music education and business development.


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