Black Sherif and Burna Boy reunite on Afronation Miami.

Afro Nation Miami witnessed a historic moment as two African music superstars, Black Sherif and Burna Boy, joined forces on stage to deliver an unforgettable performance of the ‘Second Sermon’ remix.

The event, which was held on Saturday May 27 and Sunday and May 28,2023 brought together music enthusiasts from around the world, who were treated to an explosive display of talent and energy.

Privately Known as Mohammed Ismail Sharif, the award-winning Ghanaian crooner, captured the hearts of many with his original track ‘Second Sermon,’ which quickly became an anthem among the youth.

Collaborating with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy for the remix elevated the song to new heights and created a buzz that resonated far beyond the shores of Africa.

As the pulsating beat of ‘Second Sermon’ filled the air, the crowd erupted in excitement. Black Sherif’s commanding presence on stage, coupled with Burna Boy’s dynamic energy, created a magnetic atmosphere that had everyone on their feet. The artists effortlessly commanded the stage, exuding confidence and a shared passion for their craft.

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