“Young people don’t see themselves part of it” – M.anifest clarifies “Hiplife is dead” remark.

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest was in the news for a remark he made on BBC’s documentary about the hiplife genre.

In his assertion he said hiplife was dead and further explained that, “because the driving force of the music is with the younger people, the new generation doesn’t identify themselves with it”making Hiplife less dominant as before.

This statement didn’t sit well with some industry people and the rapper had to clarify his stance on the matter at Howard University talk.

The rapper in his submission said currently no rapper identify themselves as a hiplife artiste, comparing it to hiphop where even when people sway away from the beat they still identify themselves or the genre of music as hiphop, which is clearly different from hiplife.

“Hiplife could have understood itself in a form of vastness where other music genres can join it but instead it stood in opposition with something new that will come up” citing azonto as a preamble. The rapper felt Azonto should have been part of Hiplife.

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