Ghanaian youths are lazy – Beverly Afaglo lashes out

Ghanaian star actress and entrepreneur, Beverly Afaglo has strongly argued that Ghanaian youths are lazy.

Beverly Afaglo lamented how Ghanaian youths fail to live up to expectations after they are given the chance to work after being unemployed for years.

According to Beverly Afaglo, most unemployed youths are unemployable because of their bad attitudes toward work.

It’s not easy running a business in Ghana, people will sabotage you, and getting workers is tough. People are always crying on social media about employment. It is all a lie because they don’t need any job. They are just lazy.

The youths are lazy because they think that once you are born, you start walking…It is a process but without any experience, they expect so much… we consider transportation and all that but the people after experiencing the pressure at work are quick to quit after two weeks..riders can stress you.

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