Goodies & Gina Foundation has contributed immensely to the social well-being and development of the marginalized in society since its inception two years ago.

Prior to the last two years, Goodies&Gina Foundation has also been supporting 3G Awards -USA and for many years supporting the Sunday school children of the Global Presbyterian Church of Ghana located in Chardo near Trade Fair, Accra Ghana.

The lives of hundreds and thousands of the deprived in society have been touched by the Foundation’s charitable givings.

The Leklebi Fiafe community in Afadjato South in the Volta Region is among numerous beneficiaries of the philanthropic gesture of the Foundation.

In 2022, Goodies & Gina Foundation made a donation of Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis to facilitate the construction of the Leklebi Fiape Teachers’ Bungalow.

This project was commissioned a year later in April, during the Easter period, and this inspired additional donation of Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis for the construction of a public toilet facility for the community.

All systems and components of this public facility have been finalized and will be handed over officially to the community in April this year.

Children in Kindergarten in the Leklebi area have also received a good chunk of the benevolence of Goodies & Gina Foundation as they have been supported with Six Thousand Ghana Cedis in cash donations.

These and several philanthropic activities including a Thousand Ghana Cedis worth of bagged water donated to Royal Seed Orphanage in the Central Region, and food and clothes donations to street children in Accra during last year’s Xmas period, define the generosity of Goodies & Gina Foundation.

In all, the Foundation has contributed over Thirty Thousand Ghana Cedis to provide essential social amenities to the beautiful Leklebi Fiafe environs.

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