I have another son, his name is Dawson – Davido shockingly reveals

Renowned Nigerian artist, Davido, has recently revealed some deep personal aspects of his life during an appearance on ABtalks podcast.

The award-winning artist, known for his music and philanthropy, disclosed that he has a son named Dawson who resides in London with his mother.

This revelation comes after the tragic loss of his three-year-old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, who passed away in October 2022 due to a drowning incident at Davido’s residence in Banana Island, Lagos.

Davido openly shared his feelings of longing and grief for Ifeanyi, expressing how the loss of his beloved child still brings tears to his eyes every morning.

Addressing the ongoing rumors about fathering a child with London-based makeup artist Larissa Lorenco, Davido confirmed the speculation by acknowledging the existence of his son, Dawson, who is younger than his late son Ifeanyi.

The singer’s candid discussion about his children sheds light on the deep emotional bond he shares with them and the ways in which he pays tribute to his mother through their names.

It is evident that Davido’s journey as a father has been marked by both joy and heartache, as he navigates the complexities of parenthood while cherishing the memory of his late son.

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