Kaneshie Complex cannot be named after “Azumah Nelson” – Carl Tuffour

Veteran sports journalist, Carl Tuffuor believes it is very disrespectful for leaders to name the deteriorated Kaneshie Sports Complex after legendary boxer, Azumah Nelson.

According to Tuffuor, the current state of the Kaneshie Sports Complex, which has not been renovated by the sports ministry for years, is not worthy of honouring the three-time boxing champion.

Tuffuor argued that Azumah Nelson, who commands immense respect in the boxing world, deserves better than having a facility in such a dilapidated condition bear his name.

He emphasized that even Azumah’s opponents still hold great respect for him, and it is disappointing that the country’s leaders have not shown the same level of respect towards the legendary boxer.

In an interview on GTV Sports Plus, Tuffuor firmly stated, “Even his opponents till date have massive respect for him. With all due respect, those who oversee this country don’t show him that level of respect. It’s absolutely rubbish to name a funny edifice after the greatest sports person.”

“I call it the Kaneshie Complex, I’m never going to call this Azumah Nelson complex. It doesn’t befit the champion that we had that kept all of us awake to make us happy,” he stated.

Carl Tuffuor proposed a more appropriate way to honour Azumah Nelson’s legacy by naming the yet-to-be-completed Legon Stadium after the African boxing legend.

According to him, the Legon Stadium would be a fitting tribute to Azumah, and it would truly reflect the significance of his contributions to Ghanaian sports.

He said, “The best thing to do is to name the Legon Stadium after Azumah Nelson because that will be an appropriate edifice for him.”

Azumah Nelson’s achievements as a two-weight world champion, holding titles like the WBC featherweight and super-featherweight, have left an indelible mark on the boxing world.

Azumah Nelson had an impressive record of 39 wins, including 27 by knockout, and only six losses in 47 fights.

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