KNUST/LNUGSWomen’s Commissioner Mavis Akolbila Champions Female Empowerment Through Skilled Woman Hub

Mavis Akolbila, the SRC/LNUGs Women’s Commissioner shares the success of the recent initiative, the Skilled Woman Hub, a skill fair tailored specifically for female students.

As the Women’s Commissioner, she has had the privilege of organizing and overseeing this training. Over the past weeks, incredible enthusiasm and dedication have been witnessed from the participants as they delved into skills such as wig making, nails making, makeup training, Microsoft Suite, Digital Marketing, Blockchain and cryptocurrency training. It has been awe-inspiring to see these ladies embrace new opportunities and unlock their full potential.

The comprehensive two-week training program provided not only technical expertise but also fostered a supportive environment where women uplifted and empowered one another. Together, they have shattered stereotypes and proven that the future is indeed female.

She extends her heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, trainers, and supporters who made this event possible. Their passion and commitment have truly made a difference in the lives of these aspiring professionals.

To all the women out there, she reminds them that their skills and talents are invaluable assets. She encourages them to keep striving, keep learning, and never underestimate the power of their potential. Together, they can break barriers and build a brighter, more inclusive future. She advocates for continued empowerment, inspiration, and upliftment of one another, as the journey towards equality and success knows no bounds when women stand together.

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