Lesbians used to disturb me on set – Maame Dokono Confesses

Legendary actress Grace Omaboe, alias Maame Dokono, has revealed she used to be a target of members of the LGBTQ community during her hay days.

The actress dropped a bombshell when she revealed lesbians were awed by her beauty and nature and they sometimes disturbed her while she filmed on set.

According to her, her suitors offered her juicy proposals including shopping and travel opportunities, but being an affluent and famous woman of her calibre, she said she did not succumb to their desires.

When asked if she did not feel pressurized to accept at least one of her suitors, Maame Dokono gave a response that left the host of Kingdom FM’s entertainment segment livid.

“What am I going to do with a woman? I have known men and know what it tastes like, why will I accept a woman? At that time, they disgusted me. If a man is around, why will you allow a female to insert all manner of things in you?”

Maame Dokono still sticks by her opinion that any LGBTQ act is “really really really bad” and she does not see herself involving in any of their acts.

The 76-year-old actress reiterated she is committed to the opposite gender and any proposal to have her swayed is bad news.

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