Lipssy J Unveils Sensual Healing from “Demma Supa Girl” EP: A Musical Journey After Date Rush

Former Tv3’s Date Rush contestant Jamila, now recognized as Lipssy J, has unveiled her debut single titled “Sensual Healing.” The release comes as part of her highly anticipated EP, “Demma Supa Girl,” signifying her stride into the music industry following her journey on the reality dating show.

Lipssy J, who gained popularity through her appearance on Tv3’s Date Rush, has proven her versatility by venturing into the realm of music. With “Sensual Healing,” she delves into a melodious exploration that showcases her vocal prowess and artistic depth. The single is a glimpse into what promises to be a captivating musical journey with her upcoming EP.

The track “Sensual Healing” resonates with the sultry tones that Lipssy J effortlessly delivers. With soulful lyrics and a captivating melody, the song transports listeners to a world of emotion and intimacy. Drawing from her own experiences, Lipssy J infuses authenticity into her music, giving her fans a chance to connect with her on a deeper level.

The announcement of the impending release of “Demma Supa Girl” EP has left fans and music enthusiasts eager to experience more of Lipssy J’s creative expression. The EP is anticipated to reflect her personal growth and experiences, delivering a range of emotions through her distinct musical style.

Streaming Sensual healing below


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