Maame Grace Explores the Spirituality of Britain & Europe in Brand New YouTube Series ‘The Quest of Alkebulan’


Maame Grace, a renowned spiritual leader and media personality, has taken her popular YouTube documentary series, The Quest of Alkebulan, to the heart of Europe. In her latest edition, Maame Grace and her crew are exploring the spirituality and history of Europeans and the British, from a thousand years ago till today. A rep explained to!

The UK edition of The Quest of Alkebulan is being recorded at Britain’s oldest existing castles. Through the expedition-based series, Maame Grace and her team are unveiling the history and purpose of various spiritual locations and towns in the region.

The Quest of Alkebulan is a groundbreaking series that has become the first spiritual documentary series to be shown on YouTube. It is powered by GEROM TV, and new episodes are premiered every Saturday at 6pm exclusively on YouTube.

Maame Grace’s journey into the heart of Europe promises to be an exciting and enlightening experience for viewers. The spiritual leader’s approach to exploring the spirituality and history of Europe is unique and promises to reveal a new perspective on the region’s past and present.

Maame Grace’s passion for spirituality and her ability to connect with viewers has earned her a significant following across the globe. The Quest of Alkebulan has become a platform for Maame Grace to share her spiritual insights and knowledge with viewers and explore the spiritual history of the world.

As Maame Grace continues her exploration of Europe’s spirituality and history, viewers can look forward to a series that promises to be captivating and informative. The UK edition of The Quest of Alkebulan is a must-watch for anyone interested in spirituality, history, and culture.

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