Mathias Pogba has released ‘long-awaited revelations’ about his brother Paul

Mathias Pogba announces in a video published last night that it was Serge Aurier who recommended the services of the marabout (witch doctor) to Paul Pogba! Paid hundreds of thousands of dollars , he would work with him for 6 years and was important during his transfer to Man United in 2016.

Mathias Pogba assures that Paul asked his marabout to act against Kylian Mbappé on the evening of PSG-Man United. 😳 This request came after Paul was particularly pleased with his “services”, given that he had asked him to win the World Cup for France.Pogba paid the witch doctor at least €4M.

The witch doctor’s job was to predict Paul’s future, make him shine, improve his performance, sabotage matches, and cast spells on his enemies or other footballers to destroy their potential. “Paul called on it once or twice a month for €75,000 to €100,000 each time in cash.”

Mais thias Pogba: “Today, what I hope is that my brother wakes up. I want him to take responsibility and get our family out of the deadly mess he put us in. I could be killed any day because of him. I just want a normal life. My brother, Paul, that hypocritical, sneaky, criminal man. The masks will fall like R. Kelly, Weinstein or Mendy. You will see that it is not a pretty sight. To be famous is not necessarily to be a good person. No one is above justice. “

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