Meet The man who made Abena Korkor Assembly signboard go viral

Bishop Agbey Jnr who currently host the drive time show on Mothers 102.7 Fm and a member of the Church Of Pentecost Executive English Assembly at the Easte District – Ashaiman, will go all the way into the history books of Ghana as the man who first posted the Church of Pentecost signboard signifying the Abena Korkor assembly in the Akuapim North Municipality some years ago.

His post caught the attention of many people and led to the signboard going viral. Bishop Agbey Jnr shared the image on his social media accounts and it quickly spread across various platforms, generating a lot of buzz and attention.

His post, along with the catchy and controversial nature of the signboard, sparked discussions and debates online, causing it to gain widespread visibility. As a result, the church and Abena Korkor became a trending topic, drawing a lot of attention and curiosity from the public.

The man’s initial post played a significant role in making the Abena Korkor Assembly signboard go viral, leading to widespread publicity and interest in the church and the Ghanaian influencer Abena Korkor. His actions inadvertently contributed to the signboard’s internet fame and the subsequent discussions surrounding it.

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