Meet Your Male Crush Monday Mr ‘Nathaniel Quaye’

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Nathaniel Quaye, popularly referred to as “Mr. Gentleman ” is a well-known journalist, blogger, and reporter from Ghana. He established Anansesem Media, an online blog and entertainment media company that mostly provides news regarding foreign and Ghanaian material.

The Crystal Galaxy College of Aviation and Professional Studies is where Nathaniel Quaye received his diploma. He won the Best Student Blogger of the Year 2019 award while attending Crystal Galaxy College, and he has since tailored his journey along that road.

He has significantly influenced a number of pan-African websites, such as Beauty Garden Magazine, a publishing firm for fashion and lifestyle magazines.

He experienced an industry breakthrough that year and got the chance to collaborate with notable industry figures, including foreign and Ghanaian celebrities in the entertainment sector, thanks to pledgemultimedia.com. Over a long period of time, Nathaniel Quaye has also had the chance to manage outstanding performers in the music industry and the comedy community.

On radio and television stations all around the nation, he has also worked as an English news anchor and entertainment commentator. Through his extensive industry expertise, he has coached young and emerging talents who are excelling in their careers.

Nathaniel Quaye currently works with prominent media figures in Ghana and has a close relationship with youngprs.com, a renowned publicity media outlet with over ten years of experience in publicity and public relations services Nathaniel Quaye has received more than 10 honors and citations.

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