Nana Ama McBrown joins Kobby Kyei for the Zebra crossing/crosswalk campaign

Nana Ama McBrown, a popular Ghanaian actress and TV host, has joined forces with Kobby Kyei, an influential social media personality, to raise awareness for the importance of using crosswalks and zebra crossings. The campaign, which aims to promote road safety and pedestrian rights, will see the two celebrities collaborating on social media posts, public service announcements, and community outreach events to educate the public about the proper use of crosswalks and the dangers of jaywalking.

McBrown and Kyei’s partnership for the zebra crossing/crosswalk campaign is expected to have a significant impact, given their large followings and widespread influence. By leveraging their platforms to spread the message of road safety, they hope to encourage people to prioritize pedestrian safety and adhere to traffic laws when crossing the street.

Through their joint efforts, McBrown and Kyei seek to create a culture of respect for crosswalks and zebra crossings, ultimately making the roads safer for everyone. Their collaboration on this important cause serves as a powerful example of using celebrity influence for the greater good.

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