300 usd for Eastern music awards most promising act sponsored by Nana NYC

The “Eastern Music Awards Most Promising Act” sponsored by Nana NYC offers a grand prize of $300 to the winner. This award and sponsorship aims to recognize and support up-and-coming talents in the Eastern music scene.

The winner will not only receive the cash prize but also gain valuable exposure and recognition within the industry. This award is a great opportunity for new artistes to be recognized for their hard work.

To continue this tradition and support emerging artistes, Nana NYC, a prominent musician and promoter, has initiated to sponsored the “Eastern Music Awards Most Promising Act” with an amount to help grow their brand by empowering them with that amount.

Nana NYC, the sponsor of the award, has a strong commitment to supporting the local music scene and nurturing new talent.

He believes that it is crucial to provide opportunities for emerging artistes to develop their skills and establish themselves in the industry. By offering this, Nana NYC hopes to encourage and empower the next generation of musicians in the Eastern region.

The “Eastern Music Awards Most Promising Act” competition has already generated a great deal of buzz within the local music community. Many talented artistes have expressed their excitement about the opportunity to participate.

Nominees for the most promising act of the year are 2Khay, Andy Max, Gyanesis, Kofi Friday, Khofi Tonda, Kweku Alrhyte, Ptenz, Rhyms, Selection Gh, Silla and Trixie Domena, at least one of these artistes will emerge winner for the prize.

The support and recognition offered by the competition have the potential to launch the careers of the next big stars in the Eastern music scene.

Watch video via the link (Nana NYC promise video)

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