Nkwa Dua and Chef Ama Kambon invites all to the State House for lunch and dinner Sept 23rd-24th


Nkwa Dua and Chef Ama Kambon will be having varieties of foods in display at the Accra Premium Food Festival and Vegan All-Stars.

Nkwa Dua will feature varieties of foods ranging from local delicacies and international foods that will bring satisfaction to the stomach.

There will be a lot of packed activities (games) and food display from chefs and vendors from Ghana and other part of the world.

Accra premium food festival will be happening at the statehouse on 23rd-24th September, 2023 from lunch to dinner hours on both days.

Nkwa Dua is co-founded by 14-year-old kid chef and entrepreneur Ama Kambon, Dr. Obadele Kambon’s daughter. Chef Ama was born in the United States but is already thriving in business

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