Obenfo Obadele Kambon Reveal the Mystery behind African Power (Abibitumi)

Obenfo Obadele Kambon has been one of few people who have been very vibrant on the need for Black people to stay in Africa and develop Africa by using African materials and accessories.

His advocacy about Black People finding their true identity has been phenomenal and progressive berthing some initiatives like the Abibitumi conference, where a road will be laid down to help revive the black Power in black people.

In an exclusive interview with Mixtic RomRas, Obenfo Obadele Kambon made some revelations about Africa, describing it as one of the best and rich continent in the world with a lot of minerals and resources hence the need the for Black People to tap into it.

He is of the view that, the white man has use white supremacy to rob Black People of all their natural resources in the name of financial aid and through education, has changed the natural concept of African way of living making Black People feeling inferior to their own beliefs and culture.

He believes there is power in the colour black, black people are filled with divinely spirit and can do all things because of the will given to them from the creator.

Watch full interview below

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