Sephs local bar stands tall as the leading brand providing quality services and ensuring a taste of local culture

Local Bar has become very popular in the Ghanaian celebration sitting because of its cultural representation, and one of the leading brands setting the trends is Sephs Local Bar.

Sephs Local bar is an award winning brand well known for satisfying customers with Sobolo, Brukina, Asaana, Nm3daa, Pito, Palm Wine, Lamugin(Chilled Ginger), Ice Kenkey, Atadwe (Tiger nut) Milk drinks. Offering these local drinks at your weddings, Engagement, Birthday Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals etc adds a personal touch and allows guests to experience the flavours and beverages, and a wonderful way to celebrate one’s special day with a taste of local culture.

They provide a laidback and friendly atmosphere, a welcoming ambiance for relaxation and friendly staff to satisfy customers.

Why Sephs Local Bar should be your best pick for a local bar settings.


Unique and charming atmosphere: Sephs Local Bar offers a cozy and intimate setting for your wedding. With its rustic decor and warm ambiance, it sets the perfect backdrop for a memorable celebration.

Customizable space: The venue can be easily transformed into your dream wedding location. Whether you envision an elegant affair or a more laid-back and casual gathering, Sephs Local Bar can accommodate your preferences.

Affordable pricing: Compared to traditional wedding venues, Sephs Local Bar offers competitive pricing that fits a variety of budgets. You can have a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking the bank.

Expert staff: The experienced staff at Sephs Local Bar is dedicated to ensuring every detail of your wedding is taken care of. From planning to execution, they will work closely with you to create a personalized and flawless event.

Central location: Located in a convenient area, Sephs Local Bar is easily accessible for your guests. Whether you have out-of-town visitors or local attendees, the venue’s convenient location will make it easy for everyone to attend.

Flexibility: Sephs Local Bar understands that each couple is unique and has specific preferences for their wedding. They are open to working with you to customize the event according to your vision, ensuring that your wedding reflects your personal style.

Overall, Sephs Local Bar offers a unique and charming space, affordability, excellent service, convenient location, and flexibility. Choosing Sephs Local Bar for your wedding will ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Sephs local bar have worked and served important events across Ghana, also specializing in decor, ushering services and event planning.

They are well recognized powerhouse in the event space, endorsed by great personalities in Ghana.

Location: Ghana, Tema
Michael Camp.

Contact: +233244125815

Email: qwinxta2000@gmail.com

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