Shatana breaks the internet with expensive visuals of “Lipo Lipo”

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Ghanaian Songstress Ranaya Pappoe, popularly known as Shatana in the showbiz industry has finally released visuals of her hit song “Lipo Lipo” which underscores the insecurities that many may have with their bodies and encourages individuals to appreciate the beauty that comes with being unique.

Shatana’s new music video “Lipo Lipo” though very entertaining tackles the dangers of the procedure and the importance of loving one’s body the way it is.

Through the song’s lyrics,Shatana powerfully communicates the risks associated with the procedure, including possible nerve damage and internal bleeding.

The video scene transitions to a lively atmosphere, where people of all shapes and sizes are celebrating their bodies through the use of symbolically charged images. Here,Shatana confidently preaches self-acceptance to all of her thousands of listeners, encouraging them to appreciate that beauty is something that comes in every shape and form, and it should be admired as it is.

With vibrant shots, artistic reels, and sharp delivery, the music video is an accurate rendition of the song, and brings its overall message to life.

Shatana puts forth aesthetically striking visuals and honest perspectives in this music video which conveys the message that, while it may be easy to conform to society’s standards, it is more important to embrace our individuality and find power in who we truly are.

The music video is directed by Kofi Awuah II.

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Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson /Virgin Blogger

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