Iona Reine shares masturbation and marital setbacks at the 5th Shekhinah conference with the theme “Grace of exploits”.

Iona Reine, a renowned gospel musician, recently spoke at the Shekhinah conference with the theme “Grace of Exploit”, last Saturday November 4, 2023.

The 5th Shekhinah conference was hosted by Nannie Klaud, a powerful woman of God who is contributing a lot to the growth of God’s ministry.

During her talk, she opened up about her personal struggles with masturbation and marital setbacks.

Iona Reine’s transparency and vulnerability during the conference were widely praised by attendees, as she spoke openly about her past struggles and how she’s been able to overcome them through grace.

She emphasized that no one is perfect, and that everyone has their own struggles and setbacks. She shared how she has been able to find strength and comfort in her faith, and how it has helped her navigate through difficult times in her life.

Iona Reine’s message was inspiring to many, as it provided a platform for people to talk about their own struggles and seek comfort in the grace of God. Her willingness to share her personal journey was a powerful reminder that no matter what challenges we face, there is always hope and grace to help us through.

Iona Reine’s message at the Shekhinah conference was a powerful reminder of the importance of faith, grace, and vulnerability in navigating through life’s challenges. Her honesty and openness resonated with many, and her message will undoubtedly continue to have a lasting impact on those who were in attendance.

The conference had a massive turnout and also had great speakers in attendance.

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