Hint! Nuhu Vyb to feature Miss Upper East Ghana 2022 Runner Up in New Single


In an exciting development in the Ghanaian music scene, emerging talent Nuhu Vyb is set to collaborate with the esteemed beauty pageant contestant, Queen Poka, who secured the title of the Miss Upper East Ghana 2023 3rd runner up. The duo is reportedly looking working together on Nuhu Vyb’s highly anticipated first major project, titled ‘Baa mei yi’.

The news of this collaboration surfaced after an exclusive leak from PPP studios, a prominent Ghanaian music marketing and promotional firm. The studio, as part of their corporate social responsibilities, discovered and nurtured the exceptional talent of Nuhu Vyb. They decided to introduce him to the public through a short documentary called “Humble Beginnings,” which chronicled the artist’s journey to stardom.

This unexpected collaboration has generated a buzz within the music industry, as it brings together two talented individuals from different fields. Nuhu Vyb, with his unique style and captivating vocals, has been making waves since PPP studios discovered him, and fans are eagerly awaiting his first major project. On the other hand, Queen Poka’s success in the beauty pageant circuit has made her a recognizable face in Upper East Region and beyond, and her inclusion in this musical endeavor adds an exciting dimension to the project.

‘Baa mei yi’ is a significant milestone for Nuhu Vyb, as it marks his foray into the mainstream music scene. With the support of PPP studios, the artist is poised to make a lasting impression with his distinct sound and heartfelt lyrics. The Ep produced by the renowned studio promises to showcase Nuhu Vyb’s talent and potential to a wider audience.

Queen Poka’s involvement in the project demonstrates her versatility and willingness to explore new avenues beyond her beauty pageant achievements. Her decision to collaborate with Nuhu Vyb signifies her appreciation for music and her desire to contribute to the art form. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the chemistry between the two artists and how their talents will blend together in this unique musical collaboration.

While specific details about ‘Baa mei yi’ are yet to be unveiled, the mere prospect of this collaboration has already generated heightened curiosity and anticipation among music enthusiasts. As the release date will be Announced soon, fans and industry experts alike eagerly await more information regarding the track, including its genre, theme, and the dynamic synergy between Nuhu Vyb and Queen Poka.

Watch the full video of Humble beginnings below;

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