PPP Studios release short film on the humble Beginning of Nuhu Vyb a New Artiste

Nuhu vyb, is the stage name for an incredible uprising lyricist known in the real world as Issah Nuhu, emerging from Nyanyano -kakraba, in the central region of Ghana and town close to Kasoa.
Born to wonderful parents from the Sisala locality in the Upper West Region of Ghana, Nuhu Vyb maintains his originality as he sticks to his root as an artiste.

“Being an emerging artiste is very difficult, competition is very keen and support is very less but as a dreamer like myself , I won’t give up”, Nuhu Vyb shares his enthusiasm in making it as a successful artiste.

Although he is not signed unto any official label, with the support of a program organized to honor their social responsibilities PPP Studios has taken upon them the mandate to offer support for his discovery through which they dedicated resources into producing an EP for him to offer him an opportunity to Kickstart his music career, he believes he is going to travel far considering his passion for music.

“People should expect the best from me in the coming years from now,” Nuhu Vyb stated.

He claims there are a lot in the pipeline which fans should expect in the coming years and wouldn’t let go of any chances that will see him in the limelight.

Nuhu Vyb has a pending project named ” AVALANCHE EP” under PPP Studios which is actually an EP coming with a huge force into the music industry. “The Avalanche is an inspiration body of work of a slow mountain breaking as a result of a strike” Nuhu vyb stated.

Songs on the ep include”real money maker ”
“Ba mei yi”
“Body control ”
“Party song”
“Let them know ”
“Mamma told me”

The inspiration behind “real money maker” is to express the feeling of the street.
“Ba mei yi” is also inspired by the huge love God has shown since ages. It is ba mei yi in de Hausa adage bcos Hausa is mostly the common language all moslems use to communicate amongst others.

“Body control” being the third was also inspired by a title of a beat blended wit dancehall.

“Party song”was also inspired by the party lovers,something that will make the clubs and a the party house and jammy place.

“Let them know”goes straight to negative people to take caution with some decisions they make.

“Mamma told me”was inspired by de feeling of letting a mom down.

Nuhu Vyb has started gaining some numbers on social media with few excerpts of his works and music consumers are starting to tip him as the next big thing

watch short film below

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