How To Stay In Love For Long

Staying in love for long is a choice you make

How To Stay In Love For Long


Love is a key content for excelling in any field of relationship. It is a substance that glued two individuals together. The cement that holds two hearts. Love is a product of selfless rendering of heart, mind, and soul together to accomplish a mission. Below, I will unveil four (4) principles that makes love works.

1. Understand Personality Difference.

Personality difference is the different traits one possess from the other person. Your ability to understand people in the way their behavior, talk, act and perform at any given duty reveals their personality difference. Any long and outstanding relationship that proves love is a result of understanding personality difference.

2. Respect And Responsibility.

Why respect and responsibility are keys? They are keys that brings fulfillment. Respect is being submissive and humble. Responsibility is acting with respect to bring love into a play. Staying in love it about putting these traits to work. It is a virtue to developed. Until these virtues are developed there is no going to be strong love.

3. Attitude.

Attitude is how one responds to the present happenings before him or her. Two kinds of attitude. Negative and Positive attitude. If the key is loss, love can be broken. Attitude is learning to see things in the right perspective. Even when a partner goes wrong and positive attitude should bring the person back on track than condemning.

4. Leadership.

The art of raising others to follow you. Any strong loved relationship has experienced good leadership. To stay love there is the need for leadership. Don’t lead as a boss but rather as servant. When you learn to serve, people easily follow. Staying love and making it work is about cultivating good sense of leadership.

In summary, these principles are ageless truth that bring the result of long lasting love. Understanding personality difference, respect and responsibility, attitude, and leadership are the core keys for staying in love.

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Godfred Selasi

Counselor Godfred Selasi is an author, teacher, preacher and a life coach

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