Meet Beaticide: The Rising Star in Amapiano Music


Introducing Beatcide

Beaticide, also known as Peezy, is a talented music producer and artist from Ghana. He is making a name for himself in the Amapiano music scene by infusing traditional rhythms from his home country with various genres from around the world. He’s one to watch for, and the slew of releases he has planned throughout 2023 will earn him a spot as one of Amapiano’s finest artists.


Discovering Music Production 

Beaticide’s interest in music production began in his first year of high school when he saw a friend using a complex-looking application to make instrumentals on his laptop. He soon found himself installing the same application, FL Studio, and seeking tutorials from his friend.

Beatcide’s Production Style 

Beaticide’s current production style can be described as soulful, calm, and genre-bending. However, he is constantly working towards infusing all of his productions with memorable melodies, soulful feelings, and traditional percussions. On other occasions, though, I find myself making either dark or energetic beats.

Influence On “I’m In Love”

Beaticide’s song “I’m in Love” was influenced by the early Amapiano sound. He first heard an Amapiano song after a friend introduced him to DJ Kwamzys Amapiano to the World Vol. 1. The rhythms and harmonic structure in those songs provided the foundation for him to explore his Amapiano style.

Collaboration with Jim Clifford 

Beaticide met Jim Clifford, a nigerian pop & rnb artist in 2022 through the Ashesi Creative Festival. They collaborated on “I’m in Love” after he sent him some beats. Jim’s unique voice and amazing demos made him stand out. The single was recorded during early January 2023
Jim’s ethereal voice was captivating. The creative process was seamless; the beat was arranged as he liked it, and his vocals were just as I wanted them.

Jim Clifford 

Release of “I’m in love”

“I’m in Love” will be released on June 9th, Jim and I hopes that the world embraces and enjoys our expression of hopeless romantic love triangle. We are excited to spread the message of love through this timeless record made. We hope everyone sings along to “I’m in Love” as if they were saying a silent prayer.
Pre-save Beaticide and Jim Clifford’s “I’m in Love” here – https://ditto.fm/im-in-love-beaticide-jim-clifford

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