“Never Miss a Deadline Again: Mijo Ensures On-Time Deliveries Every Time”


Accra-Ghana, where time means everything. It is what separates success from failure, and satisfaction from stress. No matter which way you look at it, time is an asset that cannot be afforded to waste as a business and for customers.

In today’s fast-paced world where speed is paramount, a standard delivery service does not always get the job done.
When it comes to service delivery, every customer is concerned with 3 main factors.
• Security of service/product quality
• Price transparency
• Process efficiency.

The rapid growth of digital space when it comes to e-commerce and product service has also necessitated the need for platforms that bring customers, logistic providers, and businesses together. Jumia, Tonaton, Online shopping (like Shoprite, Melcolm, Kabfam) etc. have all being engaged in this albeit with varying degree of success.

Because of the seeming continuous gaps of having a holistic platform or service, some customers have recently highlighted theft of products, excessive charges, lack of competition, unprofessionalism of drivers/dispatch riders among many others on the current state of product delivery and this is where MIJO comes in.


Mijo is a modern and efficient logistics delivery ordering app that streamlines the process of delivering packages and products from one location to another.
With Mijo, customers can easily place delivery orders, propose their own price, track the status of their deliveries in real-time, and communicate with the delivery personnel.
The app also provides a seamless and secure payment process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both the customers and the delivery agents.
With Mijo fleet owner app, Managers can assign orders to drivers, ensuring that the right driver is dispatched for each delivery. The app also provides tools for tracking driver performance, so fleet owners can monitor their drivers and make informed decisions about their operations, making it a bit simpler and ahead of other competitors. This easy to use yet robust service also serves as an employment generation tool as any budding entrepreneur can easily start their own service with minimum overhead costs.

Mijo utilizes advanced routing and scheduling algorithms to optimize delivery routes and minimize delivery times. By doing so, the app helps businesses and individuals save time and money on their logistics operations.

Mijo offers transparent pricing and delivery fees, with no hidden costs or surprises. All products, Fleet owners and drivers (optional are insured through Glico or security and convenience purposes.

It is a user-friendly and reliable solution for all delivery needs. Whether you need to send a package across town or deliver products to one’s customer, Mijo has got you covered with its modern and efficient logistics delivery ordering platform.

We believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with financial stability and the opportunity to thrive in the workforce.

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned and time-consuming delivery methods and embrace the future of logistics with Mijo.

Download the Mijo app on Google Play Store or App Store

Further information about the app/ assistance contact,

Phone: +233 20 008 6694 or +233 30 244 7820

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