This is Why Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brand is bigger than lionel Messi.

Messi started making name wearing number 30, he switched to 10 after Ronaldinho left Barca and when moving to PSG he couldn’t regain the famous number 10 because of Neymar.

Ronaldo wore the number 7 at united and grew his CR7 brand , his influence pushed Raul away from Real Madrid so he could occupy his number 7 brand and later moved back to manchester united to still regain his CR7 from edison cavani.

Ronaldo’s Brand looks bigger than just football as Lionel Messi is stuck with his performances on the pitch and his football talent.

Over the years both talents have grown in popularity on and off the pitch, and their rivalry has stood in for over a decade.

Both players will go down in history as one of the greatest especially with their contributions in the game of football.

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